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Solid Phase Synthesis, 2 credit hours

Web course will be arranged next time in 2007 .

Target audience

Course is aimed at students who study organic chemistry as major subject in one of the three participating units (TKK, University of Turku, Uninversity of Jyväskylä) and especially for 3rd and 4th year students specialized in synthetic organic chemistry. According to resources also other students (e.g. students studying inorganic chemistry) are welcome to the course. Note! Students studying in other participating units than the University of Turku have to apply so called JOO-right to study. More instructions later!

Previous studies

Prerequisite for participating the course is that the cum laude approbatur - studies (or comparable studies) in organic chemistry are accomplished.

Course description

Solid phase synthesis: 2 credits hours, February - April 2005, distance learning course

Methods for the synthesis of peptides, oligonucleotides, oligosuccharides and their conjugates containing monomeric constituents of various biopolymers and/or organic structures of non-natural origin on a solid-support are described. The second major theme of the course is synthesis of solid-supported combinatorial libraries of small molecules (molecular weight < 1000). Various supports, linkers, activators, protecting group strategies and preparation of building blocks are described from both theoretical and practical point of view.


Register yourself for the course by Wednesday 19.1.2005 by sending e-mail to emmi.valkonen@utu.fi or by phone to 02 - 333 6787.

Contact information:

professor Harri Lönnberg, harri.lonnberg(at)utu.fi

assistant Emmi Valkonen, emmi.valkonen(at)utu.fi

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